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Covid-19 Policy

As you know, the CV19 virus is dominating the news and our personal and professional lives in a significant way. Although the NADC offices are currently closed, the NADC APEX Accelerator is open for business to support you regularly, but we are implementing some risk reduction procedures that may affect the way that we interact with our clients. 

Here is what you can expect:
1. Webinars will continue as scheduled

2. Seminars, workshops, and site visits will be evaluated individually and, most likely, hosted using our technology platforms such as zoom and Webex rather than be hosted in person.

3. Client contact will remain active, but we will rely heavily on technology platforms to facilitate counseling sessions and minimize physical interactions.  Your counselor will reach out to you to set up alternate means of facilitating counseling sessions.

4. Large meetings that we normally participate in will not be attended until the COVID-19 threat has significantly passed.  Most large events have been canceled, but if you have questions about one particular event, please contact that organization/agency to find out more.

Please understand that our desire is to support you and your business without interruption, but we will have to minimize the risk of spreading CV19 by minimizing travel, large groups, and physical contact until this challenge passes over.

Remember that with crises come opportunities.  Let’s keep working to prepare your business readiness for immediate government contracting needs.  Contact a Procurement Specialist today to find out more!

Thank you for your patience and support.

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